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Capital Voc Return To Work Assistance And Career Guidance programs will help you design and implement a successful plan to meet with short term and long term job goals

need  to return

to work

need a  different job

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Return to work assistance and career guidance

Because life happens...

When a major life event happens, you might find yourself in an unexpected place and you might need to do something about your work status.  Either you need to return to work after a medical event, you were a stay home parent, you need to increase financial stability, need relocation, out of the military, and the list goes on.

No matter what your reason for change is, Capital Voc Consultants are here to provide you with sound adviceand assist you in the transition process.

  • Analysis of work skills and employability status.
  • Identification of training needs and available solutions
  • Job Readiness (resume writing, interview coaching and job search techniques)
  • Assistance with transitional light duty with your employer for non-work comp cases
  • Career coaching
  • Job Ladder design

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You will be meeting with one of our consultants to discuss your return to work needs, job and career goals, identify your current work skills and employment barriers.

We use skill analysis tools and objective vocational assessment techniques to help  create INDIVIDUALIZED return to work and career plans to help you achieve your job and career goals.

in-person, telephonic, and web-meetings available 
60 to 90 minute initial consultation

$125 US Dollars